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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 6/2010 *The Intentional Destruction Of Our Gulf-The Killers Expose Themselves*
Poster Handle Tols
Post Content
There will be another major event so that Obama can postpone the next presidential election.

Now question is West or East Coast region?

I pick East and it will be nuclear; New York still considered financial capital of the world and would break the back of the world should something like that happen. Plus, largest population of people in a small area, easy blood sacrifice for the elites.

Just a guess on my part and probably will be wrong

Were do you get this stuff. Pull it out of your ass please stop with the fear paranoid bs.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 752047

Of course I pulled it from there, where else would I have pulled it from. Does your tiny mind not see there are no links attached for validity of said statement?

And no, I prefer to continue with the paranoid bs because I know it annoys you to no end which gives me pleasure in knowing I can piss someone off today just by typing a few "fear mongering paranoid" paragraphs.
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