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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 6/2010 *The Intentional Destruction Of Our Gulf-The Killers Expose Themselves*
Poster Handle Anka
Post Content
I tend to read a lot, not necessarily accepting everything I come across.But I do remember something from years ago that maintained that many human beings did not have a soul.

That they were almost flesh robots incapable of feeling like
the rest of us.
That has stuck with me all this time and I think of it often. It explains many things.
 Quoting: Moleman

85%. Easily manipulated and controlled.

But our would-be alien controllers aren't particularly interested in the masses, other than to keep them producing. TV and other cultural-conditioners are employed for that control.
[link to unveiling.18.forumer.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]

Their real interest is the other 15%, the "true humans", what we call "gencanants". Not only with what gencarnants think and do (because that is the 15% who rebell), but that the 15% true humans are here as a representative/part of an individual divine being (oversoul). It's this "divine connection" that the aliens want. Poor babies, they'll NEVER understand. They want the power without the wisdom, love and responsiblity that comes with.

In other words, WE, DEAR HUMAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS, ARE THE PRIZE. C.S. Lewis understood and wrote about this.
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