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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 6/2010 *The Intentional Destruction Of Our Gulf-The Killers Expose Themselves*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Not only that, but they want to rewild the area. Also, it is a more efficient way to balkanize the US. Because that's the next step. Pushing the people out of one area or areas...easier to control that way. Otherwise eventually you'd have people trying to flee in boats like we see the cubans and such.
I have been down 3 times since this all started, was there when the rig blew.And Very much agree:first weeks when i saw them taking over areas of exit= boat docks were being confiscated around the the first few weeks of May, when it kinda started. I started talking to and hearing about these so called BP people who were taking control of these docks,not just a few places, but in all the towns, from Alabama, Mississippi,to Louisiana, All of them were telling the same story's about how the boat docks were being taken over 'used' by BP and now closed to the general public, at the time it was about one in each town, that connected to the gulf, and back bays..Some parks were being sealed off and no one was allowed to enter. like we have been invaded by aliens they are closing the exits off, I can't describe the feeling when I was down there seeing them place concrete barriers into the water totally blocking the entrance to the water ways and gulf, as you can see it goes from bad to worse:
[link to i856.photobucket.com]
[link to i856.photobucket.com]
[link to i856.photobucket.com]
they are wasting 4 million dollars on a huge iron lock gate under the bridge though the pass this has nothing to do with keeping any oil out of the bays/keeping the people land locked. This is part of that huge IRON GATE that is being placed under the pass that leads out to the gulf:
[link to i856.photobucket.com]
They locking the people of the country UP.. we are being literally WALLED IN by iron and concrete.
Its real spooky people.The brown shirts these people that have come in down there running this freak show are NOT from anywhere around here,some as far away as New York..One brown shirt (he threaten arrest)had a very heavy Latino accent,but he was not Mexico. I told him there was a sting ray trapped in the sealed off area, he said I would have to call someone else. I wondered if he was even a citizen of this country, I don't beleive he was. All of the rest of them were African/there was not one person in a 'brown shirts' that was white American, I made a point to check them out,every one of them (at the time) were from out of state, out of county,not one local person in the whole bunch of them/ this is one town I can only imagine what is happening in the other states.
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