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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle $Freedom.00
Post Content
Fight and die.
Total Submission.
That is it. There is no other option. And everyone knows it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1009642

[Mutually Assured Destruction]

Because as a whole, the ILLUMINATI-humans are being USED to DESTROY... LITERALLY DESTROY this planet... or rather, keep US ignorant of its' destruction... Ironically, war is not the destruction I'm talking about. [This is an inter-dimensional STRUGGLE PEOPLE!]

[Your SOUL/SELF is literally at stake here...]

The Illuminati-Humans are split between WHO will hold hegemony, post 2012. They think they'll survive in their DUMB hotels... They won't. Their GODS are literally "taking down" our ENTIRE galaxy! HA! For food. Can you imagine?

In the end, the ILLUMINATI-Humans will TOO be chucked! Puppets. [Which is why any ILLUMINATI-defectors are WELCOMED!]

Although [pro-human] INTERVENTION is happening: just barely... Know why? The ILLUMINATI-Humans have done an A+ job keeping us ignorant, to the point that 66%+ of humans on this planet are literally ANCHORING frequencies that are AIDING in our destruction... [EVEN! the New Age/Enlightened Movement... sadly. Think! All those "mass meditations" can be conveniently hi-jacked and re-routed...]

[One such INTERVENTION was when Jesus came to teach the art of ASCENSION... Although this has largely been distorted in the BIBLE, by the hands of the Illuminati. ETC. There's a LOT to KNOW about this. THE ANGLES are amazingly numerous.]

My mind is crystallizing... ;) Gotta go!

[ILLUMINATI is a general term...]
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