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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle anonymous coward
Post Content
"Jesus faced it, if you serve Him you will die for Him."

Alas, yes -- your minimal credibility has now dropped to ZERO, dude
 Quoting: drakke1

if you don't have the courage to stand against the approaching enemies of God... and try to sneak out on some free get out of the tribulation card...

then God doesn't want or need you in the Eternity.

and neither do the rest of us who not only WOULD, but WILL stand against them in order to make a footstool of Gods enemies, as it has been written so it shall be.

that is the duty of the Elect, the 7000 who were foreordained and forechosen in the first earth age to make that stand and witness during the tribulation when they are drug up before the synegogues of Satan, in Jerusalem, for refusing to worship him (take the mark).

no one can buy or sell during that 5 month period unless they agree to worship this false Christ/Satan.

how many will take the easy way out and do so? most I daresay, especially those who would leave their brothers here to fight alone and high tail it out for their own convenience if the opportunity presented itself. (or at least think they are getting out, ha ha ha) get what you deserve when the clock winds down. as it should be.

at least most won't have to be drug up to witness, just the 7000 Elect. surely just not buying or selling for that duration would be a relative piece of cake, comparatively.

ya know?

you will. give it time. won't be long now.
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