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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle One with many names
Post Content
The following are some names of Shiva which is a title of God said to mean "Purest" or considered the "Auspicious One":
1 Aashutosh: One Who Fulfills Wishes Instantly
2 Aja: Unborn
3 Akshayaguna: God With Limitless Attributes
4 Anagha: Without Any Fault
5 Anantadrishti: Of Infinite Vision
6 Augadh: One Who Revels All The Time
7 Avyayaprabhu: Imperishable Lord
8 Bhairav: Lord Of Terror
9 Bhalanetra: One Who Has Sees what is in the mind
10 Bholenath: Kind Hearted Lord
11 Bhooteshwara: Lord Of Ghosts And Evil Beings
12 Bhudeva: Lord Of The Earth
13 Bhutapala: Protector Of The Ghosts
14 Chandrapal: Master Of The Moon
15 Chandraprakash: One Who Has Moon As A Crest
16 Dayalu: Compassionate
17 Devadeva: Lord Of The Lords
18 Dhanadeepa: Lord Of Wealth
19 Dhyanadeep: Focal point Of Meditation And Concentration
20 Dhyutidhara: Lord Of Brilliance
21 Digambara: Without Any Needs
22 Durjaneeya: Difficult To Be Known
23 Durjaya: Unvanquished
24 Gangadhara: Lord Of River Ganga

26 Gunagrahin: Creator, Maintainer, Destroyer (the 3 gunas)
27 Gurudeva: Master Of All
28 Hara: Remover Of Sins
29 Jagadisha: Master Of The Universe
30 Jaradhishamana: Redeemer From Afflictions

32 Kailas: One Who Bestows Peace
33 Kailashadhipati: Lord Of Mount Kailash
34 Kailashnath: Master Of Mount Kailash
35 Kamalakshana: Lotus-Eyed Lord
36 Kantha: Ever-Radiant
37 Kapalin: One Who controls death

41 Lingadhyaksha Lord Of The Lingas
42 Lingaraja King Of The Lingas
43 Lokankara: Creator Of The Three Worlds
44 Lokapal: One Who Takes Care Of The World
45 Mahabuddhi: Extremely Intelligent
46 Mahadeva: Greatest God
47 Mahakala: Lord Of All Times
48 Mahamaya: Of Great Illusions
49 Mahamrityunjaya: Overcomer Of Death
50 Mahanidhi: Great Storehouse
51 Mahashaktimaya: One Who Has Boundless Energies
52 Mahayogi: Greatest Of All Connections
53 Mahesha: Supreme Lord
54 Maheshwara: The Greatest Ruler of All

56 Nataraja: King Of The Art Of Dancing

58 Nityasundara: Ever Beautiful

60 Omkara: Creator Of OM
61 Palanhaar: One Who Protects Everyone
62 Parameshwara: First Among All authorities
63 Paramjyoti: Greatest Splendour
64 Pashupati: Lord Of All Living Beings

66 Pranava: Originator Of The Syllable Of OM

68 Priyadarshana: Of Loving Vision
69 Pushkara: One Who Gives Nourishment

72 Rudra: The Terrible

74 Sadashiva: Eternal God
75 Sanatana: Eternal Lord
76 Sarvacharya: Preceptor Of All
77 Sarvashiva: Always Pure
78 Sarvatapana: Scorcher Of Any
79 Sarvayoni: Source Of Everything
80 Sarveshwara: Lord Of All authorities
81 Shambhu: One Who Bestows Prosperity
82 Shankara: One Who Gives Happiness
83 Shiva: Always Pure

86 Shrutiprakasha: Illuminator Of The Vedas
87 Shuddhavigraha: One Who Has A Purest form
88 Skandaguru: Preceptor Of Skanda
89 Someshwara: Lord Of All Powers
90 Sukhada: Bestower Of Happiness
91 Suprita: Well Pleased
92 Suragana: Having Celestials Under Power
93 Sureshwara: Lord Of All Shining Ones

95 Tejaswani: One Who Spreads Illumination

97 Trilokpati: Master Of All The Three Worlds

101 Vachaspati: Lord Of Speech

103 Varada: Granter Of Boons
104 Vedakarta: Originator Of The Vedas
105 Veerabhadra: Supreme Lord Of The Nether World

107 Vishveshwara: Lord Of The Universe
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