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Whistle blower to testify on oil spill worst fear: BP deliberately sinks oil with Corexit as cover up

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07/01/2010 07:53 PM
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Whistle blower to testify on oil spill worst fear: BP deliberately sinks oil with Corexit as cover up
Arcanum Deep Secrets
June 30, 2010

[link to arcanumdeepsecrets.wordpress.com]


In a shocking interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on June 29th, Allegiance Capitol Corporation V.P. Fred McCallister said that BP is deliberately sinking oil with the toxic chemical disbursant Corexit, to hide the size of the oil spill. By sinking the oil before it can be collected, BP won’t have to pay fines on it.

McCallister said, “Everybody in Europe, where the standard practice is to raise the oil and collect it, is scratching their heads, and quite honestly laughing at what’s happening in the Gulf.” He added, “Everyone is looking at us and wondering why we’re allowing this to happen.”

McCallister is set to appear before a Senate investigative panel on Thursday and testify that BP’s only interests regarding the Deepwater Horizon spill is protectimg their own financial interests. His statements explained why BP has been refusing offers of help from additional foreign skimmers.

BP’s fear is that independent skimmers would be able to count the number of gallons collected, and thus provide the US government with data to assess spill rate financial penalties against BP, according to McCallister.

“BP is in control of this situation and they are doing what’s in the best interests of BP and their shareholders,” McCallister said.

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