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Oily Rain and Cracks in the Earth: Busting Gulf Oil Spill Myths

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07/03/2010 11:30 AM
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Oily Rain and Cracks in the Earth: Busting Gulf Oil Spill Myths
As the prospect of an active hurricane season adds a new dimension to the on-going BP Gulf oil spill disaster, on-line media is awash with rumors of impending worst-case scenarios for the region. Viral Internet myths range from a collapsing seabed to oily rain to contaminated seafood.
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38 pelicans rescued from the oil have been released, but the battle continues.

Here are a few oil spill myths and misconceptions, addressed by scientists, experts, and official sources:

The blown oil well has spewed so much oil and gas from the substrata of the Gulf floor that the earth around the wellhead could sink and crack, opening multiple oil gushers that could never be stopped. A variation of this scenario involves a sinkhole forming under the well that could collapse, sending tidal waves ashore, or a giant methane gas bubble exploding to similar effect...

[link to abcnews.go.com]