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The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy

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07/06/2010 12:57 AM
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The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy
A Groundbreaking Interpretation of Prayer, Quantum Science, and Prophecy.

Only one document was discovered completely intact among the 25,000 fragments of papyrus, parchment, and hammered copper known as the Dead Sea Scrolls: the Great Isaiah Scroll. Nearly one thousand years older than existing copies of the Old Testament's Book of Isaiah, the twenty-two-foot-long parchment was still rolled and sealed in its original earthen vase when it was discovered in 1946. The completeness of the Isaiah Scroll offers unprecedented insight into the power of an ancient mystery a lost mode of prayer that modern science is just beginning to understand. Displayed today in Jerusalem's Shrine of the Book Museum, the Great Isaiah Scroll is believed to be so precious by modern scholars that it's withdrawn into a vault beneath the building's floor in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.
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