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Marine Biologist claims Coast Guard spraying Corexit

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/06/2010 02:42 AM
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Marine Biologist claims Coast Guard spraying Corexit
Sorry to post an add for a radio show but I feel that it is extremely important for the world to hear this broadcast whether you like the Intel Hub or Not.

Intel Hub

Tonight at 10pm eastern we will be welcoming a member of Project Gulf Impact to the show. Be sure to check back for more details regarding this vital edition of Intel Hub Radio. This show will also include multiple eyewitnesses from the Gulf and possibly even a marine biologist.

With free speech banned in the Gulf, it is even more important to break this media blackout and expose the real facts regarding Corexit 9500. The Intel Hub is actively involved in bringing you the most credible eyewitness accounts available.

Raw Story

By Stephen C. Webster

A marine biologist working with a group of environmentalists to save sea turtles claims the U.S. Coast Guard is involved in spraying a toxic chemical dispersant over the Gulf of Mexico; and he says it has already traveled inland.

“Do I think there’s dispersants coming in and mixing with our everyday lives?” Dr. Chris Pincetich asked, speaking with a group of activists.

“Absolutely,” he pronounced.

Pincetich, a marine biologist and toxicologist who works with the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, was speaking to a group of activists who call themselves Project Gulf Impact.

Video of the interview quickly made its way to the Internet, where it has sparked renewed concern about the oil dispersant substance Corexit, being sprayed over the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the worst environmental accident in human history. Up until last week that dubious distinction was held by the Ixtoc underwater well disaster in 1979.

BP, the oil company responsible for a broken deep-water well that has been gushing oil and gas unabated since April 22, has been dumping massive amounts of the chemical stock ever since the disaster began as a way of keeping the oil off the water’s surface. Thinned by dispersant, the oil mixes with the water column and forms underwater plumes that are less likely to wash ashore or be measured by satellite photography.

After initially approving Corexit, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency retracted its allowance and ordered BP to stop dumping the chemical substance by Sunday, May 23. BP ignored the order, as it had purchased more than a third of the world’s supply of Corexit. Nalco Co., formed in-part by a longtime member of BP’s board of directors, is in process of mass producing more in Sugarland, Texas.

[link to theintelhub.com]