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Message Subject Mods gave me permission to repost so here goes - BIO-WARFARE: Corexit dump in the Gulf may just be the perfect delivery vehicle
Poster Handle Windsage4 nli
Post Content
It's pretty much a given that there are groups on this earth that want to kill off vast numbers of people. They seem to be searching for a viable means to accomplish their goal, ala bird flu and swine flu and aids and ebola and marburg virus, etc.

I remember reading about Hitler searching for a solution to his "problem" - they couldn't afford to use bullets, as millions would be required, but someone hit upon the use of Zyklon-B poison gas as a cost effective measure.

While all that was going on, who would have believed such evil was possible? Normal people don't spend their days plotting large scale murder.

I think that's why most people have a hard time believing anyone would be planning similar evil in these days, because they can't believe such filth exists. But I have stared evil in the eye and know it exists, and sometimes even has a charming smile.

While I hope your hypothesis proves wrong, I think it is entirely possible. Good job of analysis and explanation, OP. Thanks.
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