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Message Subject July 30th 2010 The rapture window opens
Poster Handle Little Star
Post Content
OH boy, I got my fake rapture ticket ready. I want to take a ride on that fake rapture thrill of a liar adventure.
Hurry, hurry, step right up, get your fake rapture ride ticket here from OP.

OH boy, I wonder if we get Cokes and or Pepsi and some cookie's on that flight?

Of course you all know and who believe in this pre-trib ride that you will be naked on that flight because all cars, trucks, boats and those wearing clothing will be taken off from that soul. WE will see your cars with your cloths in them, your trucks too. And those swimming suits that you paid big bucks for will be left in the boats.

So, Hurry hurry hurry, step right up and buy one of OP's tickets..
2 for a quarter, 1 for a dime, come on folks, hurry up, the line is getting longer.
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