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BP and Halliburton Could Have Shut Down “The Gulf Oil Gusher" in One Week

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1041646
United States
07/19/2010 06:40 PM
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BP and Halliburton Could Have Shut Down “The Gulf Oil Gusher" in One Week
BP “Eco-Criminals” & “The Dog Dick Spear” Halliburton’s Top Secret Blowout Killing “Stabbing Spears”

[link to www.ufodigest.com]

Submitted by Neville Dragon on Sun, 07/18/2010 - 12:44

By “Neville Dragon”

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

Oil Industry Whistleblower Reveals BP and Halliburton Could Have Shut Down “The Gulf Oil Gusher" in One Week

An Oil Industry whistleblower (who wishes to remain anonymous to preserve health and peace of mind) has revealed to UFO Digest that BP's priority never was to shut down the blowout and seal the Macondo Well, but to repair it to reap profits.

The whistleblower, Neville Dragon (not his real name) states emphatically:

“They had the proven technology to do that sitting on a shelf at Baker Hughes OilWell Tool Company(a division of Halliburton) in Houston.

Twenty years after its invention, it is still a “top secret.” The device is a blowout-killing, 'stabbing spear' that works somewhat like a dog's penis does during sex and swells up so much the dogs cannot disengage until the male dog experiences orgasm.

BP's priority and their Number One objective were first and foremost to capture the oil flow. They didn't give a damn about shutting off the flow of oil from the blowout until they could capture the oil flow. “

Neville Dragon, an oil industry insider, goes on to assert:

“They were willing to poison the Gulf and the Atlantic via the Gulf Stream current and much of the North American continent via air-borne evaporation of “CoRexit,” the toxic and deadly oil dispersant, which is now spreading throughout the Gulf of Mexico.“

Although repeated ordered by the U.S. Coast Guard and The Environmental Protection Agency early in the crisis to cease and desist from using the known toxic and poisonous dispersant, CoRexit, BP has adamantly refused to comply in order to hide from public view the true magnitude of the catastrophe that they have created.

[link to www.epa.gov]

According to government estimates, as of June 28th, BP had dispersed more than 1.4 million gallons of CoRexit 9500 (which is outlawed in Europe) into the Gulf, a rate of dispersal that brings the total amount tomore than 2 millions gallonsof poisonous chemicals at the present time.

In an EPA statement issued in May, the federal agency stated:

“On May 26th, EPA and the Coast Guard issued a directive to BP requiring them to decrease overall volume of dispersant by 75 percent and to cease use of dispersant on the surface of the water altogether unless provided prior written authorization from the Coast Guard. EPA continues to allow BP to use undersea dispersant but only at a maximum of 15,000 gallons per day. Although there have been increases in the amount of dispersant used by BP on the surface in recent days, EPA Administrator Jackson has made clear to BP that the federal government expects BP to remain within the limits allowed within the directive, and to comply fully with our instructions to significantly reduce dispersant use overall.”

For the full text of the EPA statement of June 30, click the links below:

[link to www.epa.gov]

EPA Releases First Round Of Toxicity Testing Data for Eight Oil Dispersants

<Editor’s note: I have received many reports of toxic rains, containing CoRexit and oil droplets across the Gulf region and as far north as Nebraska and Missouri, where oil residue has appeared coating houses after storms. In Florida, tomatoes dissolved as if eaten away by acid after a rainfall. Vegetation and leaves were left with grey splotches that dissolved those areas of leaves, plants and vegetation.

Another account I received from a close friend states that on a fishing trips in Nebraska and Missouri, he went fishing in rain storms and returned home to find that the parts of his body exposed to the rains (arms and legs) became extremely swollen and painfully inflamed quickly thereafter. The condition lasted for days, until he returned to the East Coast and began bathing with uncontaminated water.

Read this Examiner’s report for more details on the amount of CoRexit 9500 oil dispersant dumped by BP into the Gulf of Mexico:

[link to www.examiner.com] >

By using CoRexit 9500, a Marine Biologist Dr. Chris Princetich, Phd. (of Project Gulf Impact) asserts that “BP has turned a 2-Dimensional problem into a 3-Dimensional problem…” Click the link below to hear Dr. Princetich explain how CoRexit is killing the Gulf Ecosystem:

[link to www.youtube.com]

According to Neville, the Baker-Hughes oil well blowout spears were secretly developed for US DoD when Saddam threatened to blow up the 900 plus wells in Kuwait.

Ten of these super tools were used to plug up wells and then secretly hidden from the media as a decision was made by George Bush and the Emir to use the old and slow original Red Adairtechnology of water and dynamite, which took 2 weeks to shut in the oil well fires and replace the “Christmas trees” (support structures) blown off the wells by the Iraqi demolition teams. The Bush Administration did this in order to force the Iraqisto pay reparations through UN mandates of $20 billion for the unnecessarily burned up oil.

The blowout spears consisted of a 2.5-inch OD steel rod with a 1.5-inch hole drilled through the entire length of the spear. On the business end that shut off the oil flow was a stainless, crossed meshed wire inflation device some 3 feet long that were fitted tightly over the rod and sat in a 3-foot section of the spear with a 1/4 inch relief. The mesh was secured to the spear by robust clamps at each end of the machined relief, holding the inflator mesh wire band.

Under the band was a very rugged plastic material that was inflated by heavy drilling mudforced by 3000 PSI of compressed air to inflate the sealing mesh band. The end of the spearsticking out of the well had 3 closing ram valves near the top end activated by solenoids that could rapidly shut off the flow of burning oilflowing through the spears without hydraulic shock.

The spears were fire-proofed with an ablative material (made originally for the NASA Apollo command module re-entry heat shield) and could be easily inserted into the burning oil flowfrom a boom on a truck and down into the riser pipe left on the top of the well after the explosions blew off the Christmas trees. Water was sprayed on the fire at high pressure to bend the flame over allowing the “dog dick” hot rod spears to be inserted into the well.

It took all of about 30 minutes to approach the well and shut in the blowout and in so doing extinguish the flame, meaning all the Kuwait oil fires could have been extinguished in a month instead of the 9 months it actually took to shut-in all 900 burning oil wells.

The Baker-Hughes blowout spears could have killed the blowout in under a week.

BP's corporate leaders and engineers should be prosecuted (as “Eco-Criminals” for crimes against global ecology and our environment by allowing the Deep Horizon well flow for 3 months as they tried to devise a way to capture millions of bucks in the daily flow of what now amounts to more than 100 million gallons of oil that has flowed out of the well.
Neville Dragon
July 18, 2010