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Subject We all capable of evils, we all have one, don't matter who you.
Poster Handle 34
Post Content
We are capable to kill, rape, evils thing

We all have it
your grandma
no matter who, any ages, we are truly evils

So what holding back evil inside us?

Well it like this:

We all have a monster in a cage inside us, we not talking about "sins" but our self-control. We all have a "weak spot"

When that weak spot break, our cgae will break open a monster, and that monster will take over your actions and cause to do evil

What a weak spot you asked?

Could be anything, we all have weakness

Your lovable son is your weak spot, if someone kill that boy, that cage that hold the monster inside you break a little bit but you holding yourself with self-control, but deciding to let the laws do the rest but the man is free! He innocent! The government pay him because he part of the government! Your cage finally broke and you went to the gun store and went to the courthouse to kill everyone and kill yourself, it called "release and let die"

So a warning, control your monster inside you, your cage is not powerful, YOU ARE

Learn to use self-control
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