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thanks bro's this is not an earthquake its called a pressure wave the rov was stabilizing for impact after they detonated the nuclear package that they shot off right under our nose's

and called it an earthquake which Louisiana isn't exactly famous for, i think the last earthquake happened damn near a hundred years ago

anyway they nuked it if you read up on how the soviets did this to stop runaway oil and gas wells you will find out that they did it 5 times that they admit too and were successful 4 out of those 5 times
one was even done in a salt formation

think about the events of the last few days bps relief well had collapsed so they say the bottom kill was now in jeopardy so they said
suddenly there is an "earthquake" how convenient huh?

this was a pressure wave from the blast to squeeze off the well then they can pump some mud and cement through a choke line or something off the jumper system they got on the seafloor and say hooray for us three cheers for Britain

hip hip FUCKOFF
i want the people of Louisiana and Alabama and Texas and Florida to know just how much they put your lives at risk

had something gone horribly wrong and the well deposits of methane had been breached because this shaped directed charge had been off course a little

they would have blamed it on a methane bubble explosion and tens of thousands of people would be pushing up daisies

somebody challenged me to prove it when i first posted a thread with the title "god were stupid that was no earthquake they nuked it" so these skeptics wanted to know about the radiation however if it was as
well buried as it was like the soviets there was no background radiation thats why they did so many underground tests back in the day
so anyway after i posted that thread this video showed up on you tube and i said to myself,self there is a definite pressure wave from a nuclear explosion and the rov is stabilizing itself not rising up and down like the skeptics like to say it would cause the actuators and wheels and such to move on the arm if it was moving and it is rock solid

as i said in another thread there are 7 nuclear powers in the world that i am sure were consulted on this operation,they would have to be there are nuclear test band treaties that would have to be abridged or overlooked in order for operation "nuke the pooch" to take place

but given the alternative the scientist and delegates of these countries had to choose from, a possible runaway well that could leak for a decade or more, polluting most of the worlds oceans
or a directed nuclear squeeze about two Hiroshima worth

i think they chose the later
and chose not to tell you as to not cause a panic
anyway there you have it if it worked and the main pipe was squeezed off and the surrounding strata was melted to obstruct any runaway crack or crevices that made it to the surface then were golden

and bp can have there press conferences and slap each other on the back and call static kill a success

if not,they may try it again and call the resulting ground shake an "aftershock"
either way we been lied to so many times about this it makes ones head spin
but i know what my eyes saw no matter what bp and its shills have to say
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