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Message Subject FOUR ARMIES ON ALERT Khamenei racks up tension. (UPDATE Mon Aug 9th page 4) Israel Hints That Lebanon Is About to Get It's Arse Kicked .
Poster Handle deepend
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1...The real issue is that the IDF has been shown time and again to be poorly trained and rather undisciplined. The last "war" the IDF managed to win was almost 40 years ago -- an entire generation.

2...The vulnerability of the IDF is not technological, but rather in its personnel. Present day Israeli youth are spoiled, soft, and unsure of their mission. A weak military such as the IDF practically invites attacks from their enemies.


1...Yeah and the last war the Arabs managed to lose was almost 40 years ago. LOL

2...A lot of this impression comes from American micro-management behind the scenes. Speaking personally I'm all in favour of worsening relations with the USA because it will force Israel to turn back to the Lord. The Arabs have to be dealt with from a strong hand. Cast Lead was at least a step in the right direction.

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