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Message Subject FOUR ARMIES ON ALERT Khamenei racks up tension. (UPDATE Mon Aug 9th page 4) Israel Hints That Lebanon Is About to Get It's Arse Kicked .
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Israel was setup for a reason. Sadly Imho its not remotely close to what the chest/bible thumpers have in mind.
 Quoting: Storm

Yes, I love the fact that the fundy christards in the US, and also the UK, like old man OP 1947, have been backing the wrong horses.

Considering that the Palestinian people, the original people of the land of ancient Israel, many Palestinians who can trace their ancestry right back to Abraham, are the original descendants of the ancient Israelites.

These fundy christards have been cursing to high heaven to the very throne of God, the true ancient Israelites, the modern day oppressed Palestinians of the land. God is very angry with those confused and reprobate christians who curse and hate his true chosen people of the land.

God, when he returns to Earth at Jerusalem, will be coming to crush and destroy the faker white, Greek Jews, who have removed his ancient people the Israelites/Palestinian far from their borders of their homeland.
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