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The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.

Holy A
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08/12/2010 08:10 PM
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The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
By knowing one cycle-wave of the Universal Watch of Eternity, we can see them all.

The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
(ended with a short story named : Marriage)

I was a medical researcher, who gave my life for a search into the origin of our suffering.
Fear and hope triggered this search.
This is nothing new, because all our searching into the labyrinth of our being do find its cradle in fear and hope.
It was my feeling of learning medical tricks only to counteract death without knowing the real origin of our suffering.
It also was my empiric experience that my father - also a doctor- always lived at the edge of being overworked, however his hospital was populated with more and more doctors to fulfill the growing need for medical help.
Isn't that a contradiction?
For me it looked like carrying water to the sea?

Owing to my growing interest in biology, anthropology or the appearance and disappearance of cultures, the process of evolution as well as the wisdom behind the acupuncture, I finally became able to answer my own question.
Owing to all these studies I was able to resolve my own fear for taking responsibility for others without knowing the fundamental causes of our progressive suffering.
Unfortunately this was also the end of my doctors-coat, because I saw that it was really carrying water to the sea .
Finally I came to the conclusion that suffering illnesses and wars are self-created enemies and/or the negative part of our unique quality, named "thinking".

It is the negative part of the medal, which we never explored.
This implies that the more we think and resolve by our creative mind, even more self-created enemies surround our life.
As thinking is our unique survival force that only is activated by problems, this process isn't a linear process.
It speeds itself up during time in a logarithmic way.
Secondly it was found that this fundamental search wasn't so fundamentally as I thought, because it was found to be searched already thousands and thousands of years ago.
Then I understood also why we speak about research instead of search.

Our suffering is a process, which presents itself in cycle-waves of 'low tide and high tide' of electromagnetic energy, which colours our Universe.
It are increasing waves, which are narrowly related to cultures, which appear and disappear every Zodiac and follow a completely predictable way.
This was also the reason that the oriental philosopher Bhagwan could predict AIDS before this illness was reality.
This implies also that our suffering is first of all a mental disease and characterized by a change of ethical norms in cultures.
The cycle-wave of suffering can be described as a logarithmic cumulating of epidemics during every culture.

The first epidemic is a bacterial epidemic and in our culture known as the flu.
Multiple organ diseases characterize the second "epidemic".
Then the process of suffering is coming in a logarithmic speed and is followed by respectively arteriosclerosis, cancer, AIDS [viral infections] and finally a self-destructive war.

Strange enough nobody seemed to interested in these discoveries.
Publishing or even discussing this subject is "unethical".
Does it look like a mental seclusion or "mental arteriosclerosis" for this fearing discovery?

All together it was a search and/or a research of about 30 years of my life.
I gave 30 years of my life to find the cradle of our suffering with as a result a total denial of these discoveries?
Of course this was frustrating.
Why nobody wanted to see reality?
Was it reality or was it a wishful thinking of myself and/or my illusion?
Fortunately there happened such strange situations that I had only one conclusion.
The fundamental reason of this general negation is pride or honour!
Let me give you two examples.

Owing to my fundamental research of cells and its energy-regulation as well as the energy-regulation in pregnancy it became clear for me that only one "nutriental enzyme"- named hyaluronidase - was responsible for our vitality or "energetic being".
The increased vitality during pregnancy [about 10 %] was found to be caused by the high amounts of this enzyme in the placenta.
This leaded to the conclusion, that in time of delivery an acute fall down of energy could be the result of postnatal depression.
Was that the reason that all mammals eat the placenta?
Without going in detail about the fundamental cause of foreign body reactions, I was able to treat this postnatal depression with injections of embryonic cells of mammals.
I could understand the groundless fear of my colleagues concerning anaphylactic shock by injecting these foreign bodies, but that a journalist wrote about this discovery "This doctor will go back to the pre-history" really was killing me softly.

The second example is even clearer.
This "native enzyme" for all mammals was found to be also the cradle of creating vascular vessels.
Owing to this discovery I had a simple solution for our huge problem of arteriosclerosis in our legs that in many cases ends with amputation.
What could I do more than experiment it on such patients?
After a couple of successful treatments, I decided to invite a world-famous specialist on oxygenation of cells to prove it with sophisticated measurements.
His decision to come was grounded on the idea that it was absolutely impossible to create a completely new vessel-system in 12 minutes of time.
After a successful treatment his only comments were " You seriously harm the honour of our profession and I never will see you again".

I don't tell this story in the vain idea to find confession.
I passed this point already longtime ago.
I tell it here because of two different reasons.
I tell it here to inform you how honour, pride and status also have its very negative side and mentioned in the Bible as 'Pride before the fall'.
It is like the aphorism "Honour is as dangerous as a rifle or a gun".
I tell it also, because this general denial of my medical colleagues created a new problem in my mind.

This problem was much more complex than all preceding ones.
This problem was also induced by my interest in evolution itself.
This problem was named "Why evolution ends with a creature that have to suffer because of his unique quality of thinking".
After finding the cradle of our suffering, I stopped my profession of "carrying water to the sea" and dedicated myself to this new problem.

One thing was very clear.
The doctor's symbol - the staff of domination and the rising snake- was the dominating staff of thinking with the poisonous snake of doing without knowing!
Now I can say also that our nowadays logarithmic multiplication of discoveries are primary based of our logarithmic suffering and nothing more.
In other words: Suffering and our creativity are narrowly related.
The one is not possible without the other.
It is like the symbol of yin and yang, which was let us by Buddha.

In previous articles I mentioned already that all cycles in the Universe were said to be equal ones.
Now I can state that only by re-finding one cycle-wave of the cosmic watch of eternity, I was able to see much more equal cycles.
Now I can guarantee that all cycle-waves in the Universe are equal ones and that our planet Earth is -speaking in comparison- nothing more than one of the electrons that turn around its nucleus.
Now I can guarantee that there is no difference between our process of evolution of specimen with a heartbeat or the beats that recently were found in an electron at the end of its cyclic way around its neutron itself.
It is all the same, however…

The ancient oriental wisdom let us also that all these cycle-waves in our Universe are equal ones, but that only the smallest and the biggest cycle had found eternal life and all cycles in between are cursed with temporality.
Owing to all these re-discoveries I found acceptance and acquiescence that -like an electron ends with an energetic explosion before his new turn-around- we also will burn in Uranus as well.

But still there was one question left.
What is the cosmic reason or the sense of life on our planet?
Isn't that the question, which took us in the spell already thousands of years?
Somewhere the answer had to be hidden; an answer that I couldn't see.
Again and again I laid down the puzzle with all their cycles.
After 12 years of searching, I finally re-found the answer.
And like I was able to read the hereditive story of the origin of cancer properly after finding the origin of this disease, I was amazed that even this story was precisely described long longtime ago.
It was hidden in the ancient saying that women [yin] represented the perfection as men [yang] were said to be the imperfection. It was the small difference of general lifetime between both partners, which finally gave me the answer.

Finally I re-found the third part of the medal.
It is side of the medal, which connect the upper part with the down part.
Finally I re-found the middle between the good and the bad of our thinking and doing without knowing.
Finally I re-found the cosmic sense of life on planets.

Do I need to speak about this subject extensively?
I don't think so and only can mention it!
In my humble opinion it is as pointless as my whole search into the labyrinth of our being.
It is again the general pride of our discoveries, which cut off every discussion.
One only shall accept and/or change minds when the calf is drawn.
One only shall accept it at the moment that scientists have admitted that they lost the fight against our self-created enemies completely.
One only shall accept it when they admit that all our discoveries to find eternal life for us is a mental error and/or an illusion.
Then we also are able to see that our self-created God or Allah was an illusion as well.
But this will be at the bitter end of our existence or just before the calf is drawn.
At that ultimate moment we had fulfilled our cosmic task completely.
Than the problem of matter in our part of the Universe is solved and a new cycle of billions of years begins again in the other part of the cosmos.

May I ask you?
Isn't it too unbelievable for words?
I was able to walk the cycle back with the help of all nowadays discoveries.
There is really nothing new under the sun!

It looks so a simple doctrine.
May I introduce one of them and ask you again : "Is it really as simple as it looks like?"
During time I found hundreds of such equal cycles, after which I concluded that it is "Truth and nothing else than truth".
It is "nil nisi veritas" and using this modell I was able to receive more insights in the Universe as well.

The cycle-waves of illnesses and wars

The Marriage

What shall I do?
Shall I discuss your broken marriage?
Ah, I can do better than that.
I think I'd better look at my own marriage first, and then to the marriages of others.
Ha, yes, I will do that.

I was married with all the craziness that surrounds the institution.
At first, of course, it was paradise.
We lived on each other, figuratively and literally.
In the daytime I had to work because, despite our deep love for one another, we still needed bread and meat on the table.
In fact, at first we both worked, but when it appeared that we were both fertile I had to go on working on my own.
The years passed and slowly we established a sort of comfortable routine in our relationship.
Unwritten laws were promulgated for the household duties.
Slowly the functions separated.
And slowly small specks of dirt appeared on the white curtain of paradise.
We began to irritate each other a little.
We were like a cold or mild illness to one another.
There were little impromptu tribunals in which the rules of the house were further clarified and sorted out.
After such proceedings, peace returned for a while and we established a new sense of equilibrium with the trust that everything would go well.
In doctor's terms, this was the flu that we'd treated, but unfortunately, and so it goes when you live together, scars had been formed, but that's life! It's simply impossible to run away from it.

And then one day—maybe it was written in the stars, I don't know—one day along came the next marital conflict, far worse than before. It really seemed as though all was going wrong and the rules necessary to save what we could save were very hard—they didn't lie—and so we tried again because our relationship was suffering.
We now had to take the rules very seriously—seriously and precisely.
You get caught up in these rules, and speaking in doctor's terms there was now arterial sclerosis in our being together.

One mistake and there was an immediate trial in the house in which you had to show your false being and apologize.
Or rather, at times it was like this, but more and more often we found sticks with which to hit each other, and speaking in doctors terms, we had become cancerous to each other; the simple illness had long ago developed into cancer.
And so it happened that slowly we had no sex life anymore. It was as if sex had become dirty.
Speaking in doctors' terms, the fear of AIDS had come into the house.

It was the end of paradise, but not before a procedure of trials and tests had confirmed everything.

Yes, it had been a real trial trying to get the best out of this broken marriage. To speak in societal terms, it had been a war.

In my continuing search into the genesis of life and the genesis of our being and of our illness I had already been very happy to see that the sperm cell and the ovum cell were a fast motion film of our million-year evolutionary process. In this same interminable search I also discovered a very clear process in the evolution of illness, in which cancer follows arterial sclerosis.
Looking into our society which one says first became ill and afterwards cancerous, I could only conclude the same.
Could it be that an old man from ancient China once wrote that everything is as big as it is small?
And that everything passes at the same time and in the same way?

Isn't it amazing that one can compare a marriage with the evolutionary processes in illness, or even in society?
It's also written in Taoist wisdom, that the fall of paradise came with the introduction of charity and duty.

Realize that doctoring (in fact, charity and duty) has a very negative aspect also, and nobody seems to realize the long-term negative aspects.
It was also written that as more rules and policemen come to hold a culture together, the faster its illness would spread.

They saw what I have now re-searched.

Cultures come and go; illness comes and goes every 2000 years via an eternal cycle dictated by cosmic law.


Looking again at my marriage, I can really say that we forged chains for each other with our 'contracts' (charity and duty) and because of that we toppled out of paradise.

And let's not even speak about recent discoveries that the average bastard has more vitality than children coming from sanctioned marriages, with their ball and chain of charity and duty.

[link to www.wetenschap-eindtijd.com]

Last Edited by Holy Fuck on 08/19/2010 06:20 PM
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Holy A  (OP)

User ID: 1059436
08/14/2010 08:35 PM
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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Holy A  (OP)

User ID: 1059436
10/19/2010 08:01 PM
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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Holy A  (OP)

User ID: 804027
10/22/2010 12:20 PM
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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Holy A  (OP)

User ID: 804027
11/15/2010 12:04 PM
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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Endangered feces
User ID: 804027
01/26/2011 01:10 PM
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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
Holy A
User ID: 29733217
04/16/2019 02:34 PM
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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
Anonymous Coward
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04/16/2019 02:54 PM
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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
i dont know what the fuck youre talkign about
Anonymous Coward
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04/16/2019 02:56 PM
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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
i dont know what the fuck youre talkign about
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77554319

but im pretty sure youre fuckgin retarded and dangerous

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United States
04/16/2019 03:33 PM

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Re: The cycle-wave of illnesses and wars.
i dont know what the fuck youre talkign about
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77554319

I don't know, the way it written is hard to understand, I think I may have gotten a part of it.

Rewrite it with more clarity.
Sorry I got a headache

These are the times that tries men's and
women's souls!

May we come though it victorious!