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Message Subject Has US Govt sent people to Planet Nestor & other Earth-like planets?
Poster Handle Czarcasym
Post Content
A few Nestor links...

[link to webcache.googleusercontent.com]


‘Nestor’ sounds like *‘next-door’ and humans may have a ‘nest or’ base there. Nestor is 4.6 billion years old and has 6.4 billion humanoids. Hey! That’s just like Earth! If I’m correct, the question now arises, “Are the Nestlings less advanced, more advanced, or at about the same technological development as Earthlings?” This is guess work; however, we can base our assumption on a sound engineering principle: the simpler something is designed, the better it is. And 6_4 is simpler than 7_4. Nestor is designed with less parts74 than Earth, therefore, it should run smarter and faster! Unity among their ‘6 natural divisions’ would be easier to achieve. I imagine the Nestlings are more advanced, yet less complex, less varied – less interesting than Earthlings. (No offense, Nestlings.)


[link to planetnestor.blogspot.com]
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