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Message Subject Has US Govt sent people to Planet Nestor & other Earth-like planets?
Poster Handle ookie
Post Content
I think we have a working star gate...

A "working stargate" would mean that US Govt scientists have produced an artificial wormhole in the labratory and have perfected its manipulation to the degree of sending humans to Earth-like exoplanets like Nestor. Do you really believe that we currently possess such technology? Do you believe that Eintein & Tesla were invloved in The Philadelphia Experiment? That was 1944 - 66 years ago. It went 'black project' ever since!
 Quoting: scientist/NASA volunteer 1071291

I don't think we invented them, but they exist. There was one in Iraq. Why do you think we invaded? WMD? No, Saddam had technology he couldn't have. He'd have been able to get alien tech and gain too much of an advantage. So we invaded and stole his stargate. Now we have two of them that I know of.

Where they came from is anyone's guess. The government has pretty much admitted to it when they let the joint chiefs of staff guest star on the tv show. Then they had those episodes where they let Hollywood do a show on stargates as cover for the real thing. That was admitting the gate was real right there.

Even saw a picture of the "real" SG-1 once. Nothing like the actors.

I just can't understand why they won't be up front about it.
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