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What's with All the Airplane Accidents/Incidents Today?

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United States
08/23/2010 04:49 PM
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What's with All the Airplane Accidents/Incidents Today?
[link to hisz.rsoe.hu]
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion, or to a non-existent authority, on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the future." ~ Wilhelm Reich
Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/10/2010 11:36 PM
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Re: What's with All the Airplane Accidents/Incidents Today?
Greetings Lorae,
Thank you for all you effort and time, putting so much valuable information out there for all to learn from. I found your post on GLP, quite interesting, and have read most of the unveiling site as well.
Recently, started to prepare dawn water, based on your instructions, and have been blown away at the results. I work in a sales capacity, after the first day the phone rang off the hook, new accounts, re orders etc. Half way thru the day i was invited to a celebration call "the spirit of water", quite interesting. Upon drinking the dawn water for the first time, could feel the wonderful energy surging thru my rental body, lifting me up, feel much lighter and more nimble on my feet. Bursts of giggling and laughter started after the second sip, well gulp. The water taste better as well. I have a degree in psych, so psycho somatic responses are part of the human condition, but this was WAY beyond any intellectual description.
What do you think about producing dawn water for the masses? Do you think the effects would last if the bottles were sealed? I am not interested in the $ gain, but the consciousness gain for any and all who consume it. Could really have an impact.
A little about me: few months back started taking classes at Berkeley psychic institute, and found it to be rather profound. Quickly discovered that i was get so much help from "others". Realized that if enough people (maybe 1% or less of population) worked from a place of love as opposed to fear, and created together, we could change our mother into a paradise. Then i was introduced to some of the "other" variables who help shape the world we live in. Very sad night, got jumped, by some of the critters, and then it was explained to me, by an amazing being. Around that period, a friend and i started a site, love or fear .org. The site is by no means complete, but it was good to at least get it started. Recently purchased Power vs force, and have been using a pendulum to get readings.
Thank you again for your work, it is soooo important. Hope this email finds you well, doright.