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Message Subject Secret of Scottish Rite 33rd Degree
Poster Handle I destroyed your lies, and exp
Post Content
BEFORE HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI. THERE WAS YAKUTAT BAY AND TUNGUSKA. NIKOLA TESLA MADE THE FIRST WMD. THAT IS WHY HE IS NOT IN YOUR TEXTBOOKS. THAT IS WHY HE DIDN'T RECEIVE THAT NOBEL PRIZE. THE FIRST WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION WAS DELIVERED TO ALASKA FROM KNOB HILL IN COLORADO SPRINGS IN 1899. September 3, 1899 at 3:03 p.m. Epicenter Time. 3h 3m 27s and 3h 3m 28s. That is why Tesla spent last 10 years and died in The Hotel New Yorker in Room #3327 - #3328. Mark Twain Named His Last Novel Schoolhouse Hill after Knob Hill to tell this symbolic tale of the Freemason 33rd degree. He changed it to No. 44 The Same Day writing Tesla but it was rewritten and kept hidden until 1969. The Colorado Springs Notes were kept hidden as well so a world could not tell a 44 was a Colt weapon of the time but the symbolism is clearly Tesla's big gun...the first weapon of mass destruction.
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