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Message Subject US to sell Israel massive military fuel stocks worth $2 bn
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Also Saturday, the Kuwait Al-Rai claimed that Israel is making its last preparations for an attack on the Hizballah missile stores located in Syria close to the Lebanese border, for which an IDF armored division has been called up

:Az3::flo9: As I was saying just yesterday on another thread Syria has to stretch it's air defences to cover an Israeli attack from any direction.

Thats because they have been handed all the up to date Ex-American air bases in the Kurdish part of northern Iraq. (The Abril - Kirkuk area.) Along with mind boggling amounts of aircraft, other hi tech goodies, ammo and all kinds of other things.

As you can see from this map they can easily attack Syria?Lebanon from the Jordanian panhandle, or north, or northeast Syria. Or indeed from Turkey. Turkey will be hesitant to do anything because of the awful threat that Israel poses to the Ataturk dams on the Euphrates if it crosses Israel in this coming war.
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Luckily many people are figuring out that the world leaders are just acting on a stage. They're all in it together tricking humanity into destroying each other for their benefit and profit. The designed opposition...
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