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God hates fags church pepper sprayed

User ID: 1083658
United States
08/31/2010 01:28 AM
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God hates fags church pepper sprayed
American boys die for Israel, idiot Baptist morans show up at the funeral with signs like "god hates fags".

[link to www.rawstory.com]

This is a clear ADL psyop. Americans think they are fighting an enemy abroad when in fact the enemy is right here at home, Jews and their Zionist agenda. The point of the psyop is to polarize and distract.

The last thing the Jew controllers want the stupid goy to figure out is that Israel did 911 and is the primary beneficiary of the Terror War.

But hey, why think? Go to church, believe in the Bible, get killed in a foreign land for Israel, praise the Lord and hate fags.