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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 9/2010 *Those Who Hate Innocence And Beauty*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the teachings of Mohammad, Abraham, and Jesus would likely take you to the same after life.

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are not these teachers and not the ways of these teachers.

"Actually, we do not belong to any of these disnations. We are all part and parcel of God; Tgat is our real idenity. If everyone simple comes to that consciousness, all the problems of the world will be solved ."

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Hare Krishna!


Jesus was a prophet just how Mohammad was a prophet. Both realized gods presence and tried to share it with others. Then came the human ego and destroyed the essential meaning behind these religions. Christianity and Islam are two rivers that lead to the same ocean.



And who are you to decide what is "right"?

I said you were WRONG to what I highlighted above in bold.

Jesus was MORE than just a prophet.

What unit of measurement are you using to calculate this? Oh wait, it's just your opinion. One that has shed blood for thousands of years.

See...the difference here is that this sort of thing is EMBRACED/Accepted in this "religion". It's the norm. The man can do almost the same as a woman, but guess who the one who gets the more severe punishment is?


 Quoting: TXGal4Truth

I can tell from your post that you mustve spent many years in a Muslim community. According to you, EVERY Muslim must have a thirst for blood! Organized religion in general is fucked up, but not because of the beliefs. But because of the fools who interpret them.
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