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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 9/2010 *Those Who Hate Innocence And Beauty*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
christians are instructed in their (holy bibles) to murder persons who do not believe in their (god) while many christains are content to ignore certent parts of their bible while (obessing) about others and what about those who do not ignore such parts in their sacred text ??? we call them extremists??

Ahh! You are being duplicitous! You speak of the OLD Testament of the Bible, which has been superseded by the New Testament of Jesus Christ. You know this!
 Quoting: We Who Watch

What about those things Jesus doesnt talk about in the NT. Like homosexuality, does the OT still stand then?

And what NT should we adhere to? King James Bible or the Protestant one or some other?

I wonder if its any comfort for the many that was killed for breaking the sabbath that God changed his mind.
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