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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 9/2010 *Those Who Hate Innocence And Beauty*
Poster Handle Corona
Post Content
Where is the "Peace" that Islam speaks of when they condone daily horrendous attacks upon their own people, women and children mainly?

Any religion or way of life that condones subjecting their own or others to torture and death is not peaceful. Killing and torturing anyone in the name of anything is against God. In a world where we are supposed to be more intelligent how is it that ANY RELIGION or ideology can condone these practices?

I have read the Koran. Peppered in with the good works are obvious righteous cruelties in the name of ALLAH and the Koran. NOT OKAY.

By the way, promising the 72 virgins is kinda foolish when once the virgins have been used...they are no longer virgins. Now these guys are stuck in eternity with 72 non virgins. And men having sex with little boys, destroying women because they show their faces, destroying lives because they refuse to marry them, killing anyone in the name of ALLAH because they don't agree with them...YOU CALL THIS A PEACEFUL RELIGION?

Any real God would not support the above. Common sense and human decency should tell you that.
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