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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 9/2010 *Those Who Hate Innocence And Beauty*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have noticed that many people on this forum are appeasing Islam and Muslims because they fear retribution. There is NO law anywhere that says you have to comply or believe as they do.
This is why God gave us all free will.
What you believe is up to you. How you live it Is supposed to be up to the individual, but if people are conforming for the sake of appeasement, then you have already failed.
Radicalism is nothing more than fear based ideology, you have to sort out the bad from the good. Use the good pts of any and all religions and put them together and use them to advance yourselves beyond those who would not evolve. The reason why they do this is basically sex-based. These men are frustrated. They attack these women becuase they spurn them. In other words, these men think in their small-mindedness, that they have the right to just walk up to some woman and ask her to marry them or have sex with them.
No decent, self-respecting woman of good name should have to tolerate such rude behavior. So, therefore, due to family and religious pressures, she tells the man no. He gets angry because she spurns his advances and does horrendous things like this. The woman usually does not love the man who attacks her.
Then, in the courts, he tries to say, he loves her and she loves him,but she told him no. The point is, he didn't want to hear the word no, because he is selfish and punished her for having an opinion. It's all in his head, which leads me to believe that he is somewhat mentally ill.

This thug who throwed acid on womens faces gets away wth
the crime - because its not regarded as a crime!
And its not regarded as a crime because of islam.
Thats the point.

When they stone people to death, they
use the official guidance given to them by the islamic state.
Do not use too big stones, because they will kill quickly.
Do not use too small stones, because they will not inflict enough
pain. Islam is as islam does.
 Quoting: Si vis pacem, para bellum 925554

I'm NOT advocating what this guy did to this woman. I was trying to explain the mentality behind the actions. His explanation was that he loved her and that she loved him but that was a lie! She did not feel anything for him and told him so and therefore he got angry and set about to destroy her. It's the old,"If I can't have you, ain't nobody gonna have you." mentality. I know because there are mentally ill men like this in America, too. A neighbor of mine was murdered by her bf because of this. He terrorized her, abused her, got her into drugs, and then he murdered her in cold blood! How do I know? Because it happened a mile down the road from where I live at his house. He shot her, then drove her up about a 1/4 mile from where she lived right here and dumped her body out of the back of his truck and then kicked her into the ditch. I was working at the time and something told me to go another route to come home so I did and when I passed by, the entire street was shut off. I had been working the night shift at my job and just got home. I went to bed and was woken up by my next door neighbor who blew his horn and shouted for me to get up. Then he said Freda had been shot. And Wesley killed her! We all knew her, and we all knew that the guy was fucking crazy as hell.
He got life in prison because the DA told him if you don't confess, you will get the death penalty. They had the murder weapon. He went home after he dumped her body out and took a shower and burned his clothes, he was washing out his truck when the law drove up to his house because a passerby saw him when he was dumping her body out. They got scared when they saw his eyes so they kept on going and called 911.
He blew her chest out pointed at her left side. Her daughter had to identify her. The only reason why he got life in prison was because he confessed and they had to give him life. Wasn't no religion, he just had that mentality of,"If I can't have you,then ain't nobody gonna have you." Now we got another one in the neighborhood like that, and he's gonna come to a bad end if keeps up starting trouble with everyone.
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