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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 9/2010 *Those Who Hate Innocence And Beauty*
Poster Handle Robert47
Post Content
To all you muslim apologist douchebags and omnipotent
self centered atheists, tell us what CHRISTIANS are
doing things like this TODAY...oh and the Crusades
were like 800 years ago dimbulb
 Quoting: russ59dd 1048292

Boy, you're as either ignorant as a 1st grader or one of those christians that support the ongoing wars built on lies but then again a I see a lot of these SO-CALLED christian preachers cheering these wars on because they want the 2nd coming to get here already!

Hitler used christians like a violin and that wasn't 800 years ago Boy!

I don't respect ahtiests anymore than I do SO-CALLED christians who have the same Jihadist mentality as the muslims they rant about!
Christian groups brag about their view on life but rally the christian troops in the church to support wars where the US has rained down 100's of tons of toxic cancer causing depleted Unranium that will negatively affect every man, woman and child in Iraq and Afganistan for the next 2 BILLION YEARS!

Christians far as I have seen have not made a stand for what is RIGHT since 1776!
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