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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 9/2010 *Those Who Hate Innocence And Beauty*
Poster Handle ScrumpTheTexan
Post Content
Ha Ha!

What a great thread... 17 pages & I guess I've posted 10 times (mostly to poke a random troll in the eye)...

I just got through watching a movie (Green Zone)... some of you trolls oughta give that a shot & chill!

You'll bust a vein!


I just got through reading the replies up to now, and before I continue, I'd like to hand out a couple of thread awards:

Best Rant:

Daniel Chapter 13, FOOL!! User ID: 1089185


Hands down... one for the books.

Most Obsessed Drooling Stalker-Troll (year & a half now!):

Anonymous Coward 1089179


And again, no contest.

I don't comment much after I post a NL these days (so I wasn't intentionally ignoring anyone)... I've found that it's MUCH more of an education if I just kinda sit back & let the festivities roll... I pretty much say everything I have to say on whatever subject I'm posting about (25 NL's so far on GLP) in the Op.

And after watching the trolls squeal! squeal! squeal! throughout the thread (ya'll don't know how much you make me belly laugh..well, right after I wipe away my tears of shame & embarrassment... and get a handle on my fragile broken heart & hurt feelings *lulllz!*)...


...and level posters & Friends comment & discuss, I'll clear a few things up.

Am I saying, or do I believe, that all Muslims are Evil and Bloodthirsty.


Don't be ridiculous... not all Christians dance with Rattlesnakes, not all Atheists are obsessed with destroying Religion, not all New Agers hug trees & rub crystals (I think), and not all Blacks dance well (one or two are bound to have two left feet).

What this thread is about, it this:

There is ONE RELIGION on the face of the Earth that produces Followers with psychotic inhuman attributes in a large enough (and steadily increasing) mass to stay on the radar with horrible atrocities like these DAILY happening in multiple Countries... ONE with the protection against prosecution and State sanction, also in multiple Countries...

This is just a fact.

ONE where 'The Enlightened Ones' and 'Respected' of the group, again & again, Worldwide... not only do not CONDEM (except occasionally, and always with fingers-crossed behind their backs) these Murderers and Mutilators, but they PRAISE them...


Because they're the one's that TEACH the sadistic deeds... and they spawn the most vile creatures ever to be spit out of Hell itself.

Islam is the only Religion on Earth that sanctions (State & Theocratic hierarchy) the abuse & killing of Women & Children... the only one.

Just another fact.

So, am I saying turn every Muslim Nation to glass & kill all Muslims?


Don't be ridiculous... I have Muslim Friends & Clients, I don't believe any of them have killed a Family Member recently... no-one's missing & I've seen no evidence of acid burns... :P

I've only pointed out glaringly obvious & uncomfortable facts, and some process those facts & make up their minds about how they feel about them, and some squeal! squeal! squeal! because facts are messy things... not always pretty, and they don't like it.

I'm out for the count, tonight (work tomorrow) so trolls, feel free to squeal! squeal! squeal!, and everyone else have a great night.

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