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pet hospice? beloved pet at home euthenasia?

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United States
09/05/2010 04:35 AM
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pet hospice? beloved pet at home euthenasia?
my 10 year old cat--enormous russian blue, used to a muscular 26 lbs. is down to less than 10 lbs and nothing but bones, loose skin, and dirty fur in about 3 months. he has parasitic anemia (which he caught by a flea bite. pisses me off. i have spent an assload on frontline, since he was 6 months old, when i got him.) been force-feeding him for 3 months (babyfood, pedialyte, a&d, high calorie kitty goo), giving him prednisone & doxycyline2x's daily + fluids for 2 months. will not eat or drink on his own anymore (3 wks). red blood cell count @ 12%. (normal for cats is 50-29)he is miserable. had oregen shots (2x), transfusion, subcutaneous fluids everyday (me). he is miserable & suffering. i'm tired of torturing him 3x's a day,he is not even trying.i think he's done. there is nothing wrong with his mouth, teeth, or throat. tried adjusting dosages of drugs for his tummy. even when he feels& looks good, he won't eat.
he's dying. i've spent a lot of money on his care bc i love him. i'm not taking him to a place he hates to have a lethal injection and die alone with strangers, and in texas, i can't even get his body back to bury him. he'll go in a dumpster. he's a good boy, he doesn't deserve that.
only site i found had plans to build a plastic kitty gas chamber. [email protected]#$%cking awful. can i give him a painless o.d. @ home, with people that love him? help me. pls. mamma.says @att.net. 713 806 5285 ty
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