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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: ~Blue Spirit~: User ID: 2857950

United Kingdom

10/03/2019 05:17 PM

Oh no! ST! Sorry for the "punishment" you got...

**It "Comes With The Territory" As It's Said ... On Terra/Earth !! ... One Would Expect That Others Would Accept Help, Of Things They Know & Understand Little About ... But No, There Are Those Who Would Rather "Pray" To, Of Those Things Of Their "Programmed Religious Beliefs" ... Then Take A More "Practical Approach" ... & Request Healing, From Ones Who "Answer The Phones & Take The Service Calls" !!!!

that's awful... I didn't see anything abusive in there myself...

**There Wasn't Anything Abusive .... However Some Just Cannot Stand Their "Programmed Illusions" ... Pushed Aside ... For More Direct To The Source ... Understandings Of What Is Going On !!!! ... Since Their "Religious Icons" Didn't Say It ... Then It Can't Be True ... Kinds Of Things !!

Some people will just never learn...

**Indeed !!!!

Well, at least I got the posts up in here before hand :-)...

**And Thank You For Doing So !!!!

Yes, I would rather see the ET beings for who they really are too... you are as you are, in your true forms... that's as real and as truthful as it gets...

**It Is Truly As "Real As It Gets" !!!!

No need for the "religious dress up" for ones who know or are of those energies... Well, not unless you want to dress up, that is...

**The Costumes Are Too Bulky, Difficult To Put On ... & It Is Just Downright Inconvenient !!

I understand what you mean though... the "dress up" so as not to scare people...so as to "fit their beliefs" of who the ET's are, which is an insult in itself, I reckon...

**Yes, It Is Very Insultive & Disgusting ... To Have To "Dress Up" To Meet/Relate & "Fit In" With Their "Expectations" !!

Yes, I understand that the advice you gave is not a cure all... it is a temporary relief, an attempt to hang on until help arrives, and boy! Am I feeling it!...

**Yes, A Temporary "Get By" ... Until Help Arrives !!!! ... Yes, The Conduit Is "Feeling It" Too !!!!

I have lists and recipes for "what not to eat/drink" and for "what to eat/drink"...

**For The Conduit, The List Is Very Extensive !!!! ... As There Is Usually "Something" That The Conduit Cannot Have, Which Causes Him Problems !!!

It's a nightmare juggling this, to be honest, lol

**It's A Nightmare's Nightmare !!

... but, yes, I'm definitely "feeling" it... not nice...

**Not "Nice" At All !!

I'm still yet to find something that works for me... meditation and relaxation just isn't cutting it anymore for me...

**Getting "Meditation" To Relax ... & Relaxation To Meditate ... That Is A Challenge !!!! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!!

Hopefully, I will find something soon...

**The Entity "Something" Hides Really Really Well !!!! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!!

Anyways, I hope you're feeling better ST :-)

**And "Better" Is Having All The Fun .... While I'm Slow On Ducking, Of The Slaps, Due To The "Feeling" !!!! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!!

... I know it can be tough at "times"

**At Times ?? ... Every Time !!!!

but we've got to hang on,

**I Have The Noose Ready !!!! ... To "Hang" On !!!! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

push through,

**Push Through What ??

hold your head up high...

**I've Done That .... It Comes Off ... Levitates Up & Around The Room !! ... Giving Off Spooky Spooky Spooky Sounds !!! .. Hee Hee Hee !!!

Soon will be soon enough before the truth comes out for all...

**The Great "All", Already Knows The Truth !!!

Stay Safe and well...

**The "Safe" Is Still Being Ornery/Mischievous ... And Not Staying When Asked/Commanded !!

**As To The Well .... The Well Likes To "Move About" Too ... Along With The "Well Casing" & "Well Bucket" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

hugs to you all

**The Entity "You All" (Y'all) Thanks You !!!

Farewell For Now !!

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