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Occurred : 2/11/2020 19:30 (Entered as : 02/11/20 19:30)
Reported: 2/11/2020 8:33:33 PM 20:33
Posted: 2/13/2020
Location: Janesville, Wisconsin
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3 minutes

02/11/20 19:30 Janesville, Wisconsin 5 orange spheres maneuvering in the night sky then disappeared.

"I was driving south on Harmony Town Hall road between Rotamer and Wilcox roads approximately 3 miles northeast of Janesville, Wisconsin. The sky was dark and clear, visibility was unlimited and the stars were shining brightly. My wife and I both noticed two groups of bright lights in the sky which appeared to be similar to aircraft flying in formation. The unusual thing was the color, all 5 objects were round and solid orange in color. I am a pilot and very familiar with aircraft lighting, there were no visible navigation lights (red or green) nor any white strobe lights. I pulled over to the side and stopped near the Wilcox road intersection.

Despite the temperature being around 20 degrees (F) we opened the front seat windows and moon roof window to reduce internal light reflection in order to see clearly. One group of 3 lights was at our 2 o’clock position moving to the left (eastbound). The other group of 2 lights were at our 1 o’clock position moving in the same direction. At arm’s length I probably would relate all of the lights size to that of a BB that was bright orange. The two orange lights at our 1 o’clock position maneuvered unlike any flight formation would. The trailing light, which was to the right following the lead light, sped up and appeared to either pass through or around the other and it became the lead light still heading east. As they continued eastbound, the lights dimmed until they disappeared.

The following group of three, continued moving east and two of the three lights dimmed in intensity and disappeared, leaving one light visible which by now was just about over the top of our van. With the moon roof open, we could not hear any sound from the light. As it passed over, it accelerated to an incredible speed and disappeared towards the east horizon in a matter of two or three seconds.

I could not guess what the exact altitude might have been of any of the objects, but my guess would be based on the angle in relation to the horizon when we first noticed them, I would say maybe around 3,000 feet. The distance that last one covered would probably have taken a commercial airliner at altitude probably 5 minutes or more to cover.

I am a licensed private pilot and worked for 4 years as an air traffic control specialist (tower) at one time. I since have retired from many years in manufacturing management. I am very familiar with the different types of aircraft but have never seen anything like what I saw tonight. The other witness, my wife is a registered nurse."...

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