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TSA: Photographers Are Terrorists -- REPORT THEM!

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United States
09/09/2010 03:43 PM
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TSA: Photographers Are Terrorists -- REPORT THEM!
I like to take pictures. A lot of my friends like to take pictures. Sometimes, we even like to take pictures of things like airplanes. You might call us hobbyists, photo enthusiasts, or just photographers. But now, thanks to a new campaign from the Transportation Security Administration, there’s something else you can call us: terrorists. Yep, that’s right, gang, it’s time for another round of Security Theater Will Not Actually Make You Safer, starring the TSA and a bunch of scary, scary people armed with cameras.

Via Carlos Miller’s Photography Is Not A Crime site and Reason Magazine comes word of a TSA poster apparently designed to encourage passers-by to report suspicious photographers–helpfully shown wearing dark pants and hooded sweatshirts–to the police. Sigh. Really, TSA?

<<see link for poster image>>
The poster is actually part of a larger campaign encouraging airport employees “to be vigilant about general aviation security and report any unusual activities to TSA.” In the video accompanying the campaign (scroll down on the link above), its clear the scary photographer person is actually meant to be lurking outside a gate, and the message to airport employees is to make sure the gate is secure. In context, directed at small-airport employees, it makes sense. And the TSA, pioneers of behavioral detection analysis, certainly seems to a grasp of the fact that that in some instances, context is everything.

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