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A message to Jihadists and whiney bitching illegal immigrants and their sympathizers

You can't handle the trut
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09/14/2010 12:08 AM
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A message to Jihadists and whiney bitching illegal immigrants and their sympathizers
Stop screaming like a little school girls who have been offended by words. Have you not heard the tale sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me... Why is it that Caucasians with our light skin seem to have a much thicker skin then everybody else? So what if it sounds racist, this is America for Christ sake. If people do not like the right for everyone to have free and equal speech, than please find another DAMNED Country to live in.

If your belief systems are inconducive or incompatible with the Constitution of this Country than by all means get out, go away... Go form another Country and may whatever god you choose to worship bless you.

The American Society may be in shambles but she once was a light, but TPTB effectively caused most to stab themselves through the heart by allowing themselves to be Politically Corrected to Death.

It's time people stop voluntarily censoring their words, actions and thoughts to please or tolerate others that would wish them harm, or hate them out of spite or hold some belief that they are more superior or elite, or more deserving of taking a breath than the rest of humanity.

Just as I wouldn't tolerate a mosquito hell bent on sucking out my blood buzzing around, without swatting it down so in as much more would I chose not to tolerate allowing a people of any shade or creed or Power Structure that was hellbent on destroying me or conforming me to their belief structure by threat of force or death, or out right annihilation of everything that I would dare to hold dear to ruin me without drawing a line and standing firm against the Tyranny!

I can promise that their will be apart of the American people who will stand up and once again be that sleeping giant who when awoke crushes all that would dare challenge its survival, and if by chance that Giant falls, in its death throws many will fall right along side it.