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Message Subject Czarist America: Land of Social Serfs
Poster Handle zacksavage
Post Content
Hey ffu,...well said!!

I also believe that the 2 party, back and forth, party system is a shame,...a fraud, a facade that hides the man behind the curtain.

"Such is the despotism of the American Left. Instead of agrarian serfs, they sow power in the form of social programs, and enslave people with insults to their abilities and racial stereotypes. They tell us we are unable to control our sex drive, we canīt own weapons, that we arenīt responsible enough to care for our kids or save our money."

This depends upon how you look at things,...If you view other Americans as family/clan/fellow citizens,....that generally implies mutual support for each other -- the stronger helping the weaker by instinct,… this is natural.

Every man for himself implies that you do not give a damn about your neighbor.

...some people may take that personally.

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