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Message Subject Wizardry: how to make an immense mound or terraform vast areas of the earth.
Poster Handle Emperor Kenton
Post Content
Bolivian Amazon now desolated and deserted, but here is what the Conquistadores saw:

Orellana and most of his crew managed to make it back to safety and they brought with them fantasic tales of the sights they had seen on this river. Orellana described the Amazon as a busy waterway which had on both sides of the river populous towns with elaborate temples, plazas and fortresses. As his chronicler, Fray Gaspar de Carvajal relates it:

...we tarried so long in this land of Machiparo´s which is 80 leagues in extent, all speaking one language and densely populated with towns and villages with scarcely more than a crossbow shot between them. Some of the towns extended for five leagues without any separation between the houses, quite a wonderful thing to see [a league is about 5.5 kilometres].

and at this confluence there were great numbers of people and a very pretty and a very fruitful country. Being already the lands and mountains of the Omagua and having so many large towns with so many people who did not like us to land in their port, we had to fight our way through.

There was great amount of food, that turtles in corrals and alberques of water, and much meat and fish and sponge cake, and this in as much abundance that it could have fed a army of a thousand men for a year which we took from this population without resistance. We also found much food in the way of a special fish that was so much in abundance that we could load well our brigs. This fish the Indians take up into the mountains to sell.

[link to ccat.sas.upenn.edu]

...there was a villa in which there was a great deal of porcelain ware of various makes, both jars and pitchers, very large, with a capacity of more than twenty-five arrobas, and other small pieces such as plates and bowls and candelabra of this porcelain of the best that has ever been seen in the world, for that of Malaga is not its equal, because it is all glazed and embellished with colours, and so bright that they astonish, and, more than this, the drawings and paintings which they make on them are very accurately drawn just as with the Romans.
[None of the tricks that had served the Europeans so well when dealing native peoples seemed to work. When they attempted to trade useless trinkets for gold, the Omagua valued what the Spaniards offered for exactly what they were worth]

..a canoe came up to the gourd containing the chaqutra, and they picked it up and showed it to the other Indians, and they valued it so little that it became evident to us that they were making fun of it.
...we came suddenly upon the excellent land and dominion of the Amazons. These said villages had been forewarned and knew of our coming, in consequence whereof they came out on the water to meet us, in no friendly mood. ...Orellana gave orders to shoot at them with the crossbows and arquebuses, so that they might reflect and become aware that we had wherewith to assail them.
in front of all the Indian men as women captains, and these latter fought so courageously that the Indian men did not dare to turn their backs, and anyone who did turn his back they killed with clubs right there before us. [these women were] very white and tall, and have hair very long and braided and wound about the head, and they are very robust and go about naked, with their privy parts covered, with their bows and arrows in their hands.
[thus the term, "Amazon" from similar stories ancient Greece
[link to www.pbs.org]

[link to www.laputanlogic.com]
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