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Message Subject Wizardry: how to make an immense mound or terraform vast areas of the earth.
Poster Handle ICF
Post Content
Was just reading about C60 and the properties of myth imparting ancient knowledge to the future people.

This field has me looking into carbon based life forms and how they manifest, nanobots from the past like Golem and Leviathon are possibilities.

Carbon 60 leads me right back to the Anu Building block, circling the wagons, keep plugging Kenton:

[link to rgrace.org]

But that is one train and the carbon stuff is interesting indeed as nanobots have the same stuff. Here:

"Carbon Nanofoam is the First Pure-Carbon Magnet. Discovered a few years ago,
carbon nanofoam is the fifth known allotrope of carbon, the others being
graphite, diamond, fullerene (e.g., C-60 molecules), and carbon nanotubes.
The foam is, along with aerogel, one of the lightest known solid substances
(with a density of ~2 mg/cm3). But at this week´s APS March Meeting in
Montreal, physicists announced an even more interesting property: though
made entirely from carbon atoms that are normally considered nonmagnetic,
the foam nevertheless can act like a ferromagnet.
(Physics News Update 3/26/04) "

[link to www.groupsrv.com]
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