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Message Subject I've lost contact with God!
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
Lots of Witness from Christ about those who expect things from God, but never Came Unto The Father...

Most strikingly, there is the Rev 3:15-17 Witness to Laodicea where Christ Says the "lukewarm" face violent rejection.. "Spewn forth from my mouth"

In Matt 7:21-23, HE Says HE ONLY KNOWS those "...Who DO The Will Of MY Father Which Art In Heaven." (v.21) In v.22 Christians are pleading with HIM "Lord, Lord, Open unto us for we have done Mighty Works, Cast-Out demons, and Prophesied In YOUR Name!"

Done any of that? Have you? These Christians had... HE Tells them "Depart from ME, you who work iniquity; I KNOW YOU NOT!"

HE Don't KNOW them because they were never Ezekiel 36:26-27 Born-Again.... The only OT Witness of The Born-Again Life... Father's Prophet, Ezekiel Witnesses that Father Will give us "A New Heart Of Flesh" to replace our "stony heart" and Will Enable us to KNOW and DO HIS Will and "Keep MY Statutes".

So... All this time and all you've thought "How wonderful to be in contact with God The Father", but you've never found it in your heart to Trust HIM Fully with every aspect of your life and pledge to HIM that HIS Will is what matters to you, not your own.... Thy Will, not mine, be done! That sums it up.

These are The Final Moments...
Love God and want Relationship With HIM, then you must Take Action... Come Unto The Father and surrender your self and self-will into HIS Control and Guidance.

Just maybe you ought to Seek The Father in Earnest Prayer and open-up your heart Unto HIM and Give HIM your all...

Otherwise, get used to being on your own...

Lots more Witness about those with expectations who never Came Unto The Father.... Matt 22:1-14 which is very like Luke 13:22-28; at least in how Father Instructs HIS Servants to deal with, in each case, an interloper... "Bind him hand & foot and throw him into the darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!"

Matt 22:14.... "For many were Called, but few are Chosen!"

Jesus Witnessing here that few will Choose-Elect to Trust God Fully and Come Unto The Father in answer to HIS Call.

Might read John ch 17, which is Jesus' Witness of The Born-Again Life, and see if what HE Says There describes the life you have lived.

God don't need to hold the hand of HIS People every inch of the way... Trusting HIM Fully means just that! If our life is HIS, as is True for each Born-Again, we live in Total Confidence and without anxiety about what God would have us do. Living IN HIS Will, we don't need worry about Doing HIS Will...

Do you Know this one? "Marvel not that I Say unto you, Ye MUST Be Born-Again!" John 3:7

Anyone who is Ezekiel 36:26-27 Born-Again, will not identify as a "Believer". Once you have stood In Father's Presence and had HIM Give you your New Heart Of HIS Flesh; You Are A 'Knower'...
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