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GLP seems batshit crazy sometimes!!!!

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09/28/2010 04:21 PM
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GLP seems batshit crazy sometimes!!!!
Sometimes I refer people that are asleep to GLP and tell them to read the pinned threads. That those are the important non-crazy posts.

And then you look at the pinned threads sometimes (like today) and see:

OH BOY... Japan warns China!!! Chinese warships in waters near Japan... Japan demand that they leave!!!
and you think WOW!!!!!
BREAKING w/ CONFIRMATION!!! Nuclear Alert at Russian Powerplant, Reactor Reported Down, STUXNET ATTACK?
and you think OMG!!!!
Breaking***Ireland Bond Interest rates hitting 6.95%. Economy close to collapse...
and you think it is getting bad!!!!!
Cargo ship suspected for nuclear shipment from North Korea was caught by the Greek Coast Guard
and you think NO WAY!!!!!

but sometimes the mods make me as a referer, look a bit batshit crazy when the next pinned threads are:

Woman Picks Nose and Eats Snot During News Broadcast


Robotic Vaginas Make Childbirth Look More Horrifying Than Ever

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"I find your lack of faith disturbing."