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BP Sprays Residents and Workers with Corexit, Teaches Students That Dispersant Is Fine

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United States
10/02/2010 12:58 AM
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BP Sprays Residents and Workers with Corexit, Teaches Students That Dispersant Is Fine
The Intel Hub

New revelations have surfaced that back up the early claims that dispersant was sprayed on the population. Multiple BP cleanup workers and residents have confirmed that they were indeed sprayed with Corexit. In early June we reported on the multiple calls we had received from concerned residents who were being hosed by dispersant yet most people just didn’t believe it. After four months of proof it has become an undeniable truth.

In a recent interview, Karen Hopkins described some very startling information that she had received from a family of BP clean up workers. A husband and wife, tired after working all day for the Vessel of Opportunity Program, went to sleep on their boat with the windows open and to their surprise awoke dripping wet. Not only were they soaked with Corexit, they had numerous health problems, including irritation and itching that turned to sores and what they call the BP cough. Karen reported that rather than cease, these problems continued to get worse.

[youtube] [link to www.youtube.com]

This is absolutely horrifying. These are American citizens sleeping in their boat being sprayed by a toxic chemical. This may not have been on purpose but the fact of the matter is, it happened. People throughout the gulf are crying out for help yet most Americans, more focused on shows like American Idol, simply do not know or care.

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