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Aliens Remix Songs Sent Into Space in 1977

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10/04/2010 09:27 PM
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Aliens Remix Songs Sent Into Space in 1977
This one was just too fun to pass up, not that we believe the premise but it's fun. So here you go: In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft, fastening to each a phonograph album containing sounds and music of Earth. In 2010, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Exile (SETI-X), a dissident offshoot of the better-known Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, received transmissions believed to be extraterrestrial remixes of these records. The Scrambles of Earth CD contains the 70 minutes in some 24 sound segments that SETI-X has so far been able to reconstruct.

The scientists of SETI-X, finding their colleagues skeptical and their institutions unwilling to vouch for or make available the sounds they had received, at first sought contact with the principality of Sealand, in hopes that this micronation dedicated to stewarding controversial data might channel extraterrestrial sounds to a broader public. With no response from Sealand, SETI-X, through a serendipitous Google typo, discovered an ally in Seeland Records, which has historically brokered the release of sounds of uncertain provenance but wide cultural relevance.

[link to www.antimusic.com]
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