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Sol, Luna, Mercurius, Rosh Chodesh, NEW MOON October 7th

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/05/2010 11:05 AM
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Sol, Luna, Mercurius, Rosh Chodesh, NEW MOON October 7th
Both Sun and Moon and Mercury and Saturn. Sol, Luna and Mercurius and the (Sacred instigator of the Great Work, Saturn) are in the Tree of Libra, the Scales of Justice

October 7th, New Moon (also will be over Black Moon lilith and Corvus the Crow.)


On a deeper level, Rosh Chodesh symbolizes renewal, the ability of the Jewish People to rise up from oblivion and restore itself to its past greatness. Just as the moon disappears at the end of each month, but returns and grows to fullness, so Israel may suffer exile and decline, but it always renews itself - until the coming of the Messiah, when the promise of the Exodus and the Revelation at Sinai will be fulfilled, never to be dimmed again."