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Message Subject Gold hit $1365!
Poster Handle Philippines
Post Content
Demanding delivery is one thing; taking possession another.

Many "investors" "take delivery." However, this only means that you receive a paper certificate that you are "owner" of 400 ounces of gold or more still at the bullion warehouse.

The bullion bank can then "loan" out your gold in a "lease" from you and not only are you left holding a paper certificate claiming gold at the bullion bank, but then your paper only lays claim to a lease because the bullion bank loaned out your gold.

Paper, paper, and more paper.

Taking possession is where you pay to have the gold shipped to you - over and above "taking delivery." Bullion banks hate this because there isn't enough gold to cover all these contracts.

So taking delivery isn't all as final as it sounds. Buyers must take possession. Otherwise the bullion bank will "fractional reserve" everybody's gold.

The paper price means little- it is a massive buying opportunity to attain physical gold possession while the paper price is still depressed.
 Quoting: Emmeric

Wow, thanks for your time and thoughtful explanation of the terms and how they work. I had no idea about the possession term, and thought delivery meant the same thing.

I agree, it is another perpetuation of the fractional reserve system. What if the wealthy were to awaken to all ask for possession of the metals, as in a metals run? It should surely happen one day as panic strikes. Could it be another powder keg, or a catalyst?
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