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Iran calls for START disarmament pact

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/07/2010 07:22 PM
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Iran calls for START disarmament pact
[link to en.trend.az]

Iran's deputy envoy to the UN says if Russia and the US do not sign the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), the international security would be further undermined, Press TV reported.

"If this agreement is approved by the parliaments of these countries and implemented, it could be considered as a positive step towards nuclear disarmament," Eshaq Alehabib said on Thursday in the annual summit of the Committee on Disarmament and International Security at the UN.

Alehabib added, however, that if the US and Russia fail to sign the treaty, it would cause disappointment and more fragility in the international security, IRNA reported.

The START pact between the US and Russia lowers the limits on strategic nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them. It effectively reduces the number of warheads each nation possesses to its lowest level in more than 50 years. .....