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Message Subject Thanks GLP, because of an article here, my wife is not sick anymore - Aspartame Poisoning
Poster Handle Catseye
Post Content
Wow, thanks for sharing. Too bad about the gallbladder, most of those surgeries are unnecessary. There are ways to flush them out or soften the stones with herbs and liver cleanse pills. She better read up on what to do without a gallbladder. A good tip would be to include the words "natural remedies" in with the search terms. That way you bypass all the medical profession's useless health advice. Remember, you can't trust an industry to restore your health if they make more money when you are ill. The economics of the profession won't let it happen.

Now that she knows that nobody really cares about her own health besides herself, she may be more inclined to study up on it. Living without a gallbladder is going to cause a bunch of chronic problems later on if you don't take the proper steps. Tell her to do her homework or face yet another health crisis in the future.
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