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To Begin Transforming Your Life in the Direction of Enlightenment You Must Ask the Right Questions

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10/08/2010 01:24 PM
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To Begin Transforming Your Life in the Direction of Enlightenment You Must Ask the Right Questions
Self-help authors and masters of motivational wisdom often ask supposedly penetrating and provocative questions such as “Are you living the life that you want for yourself? And sure, this quasi existential query can evoke in us the sense of having an important epiphany that changes the direction of our lives. But it’s not the deep, moment-of-truth-producing question that we should be posing to ourselves. No, it’s not the right meaning-of-life problem to ponder, the right bit of philosophical bewilderment to get to the bottom of.

What is the right self-reflective and sage question then? The more to-the-point of our life’s predicament question is: “What kind of life should I want for myself? The rub is that we seldom ask ourselves this one. Why? Because we’re already provided and programmed with pat answers by our society. Nowadays, our aspiritual, economically-oriented, hedonistic society teaches us to believe that a normal and successful life is an existence that revolves around catering to our needy-greedy egos and sordid sensual appetites. I.e., outdoing the grasping, gorging Jones’ at making money, collecting material possessions, and pleasuring ourselves with chemicals and casual sex.

He who has the most consumer toys, the most expensive car, the most coveted widescreen TV, iPhone, designer suits, and good-looking bed partner is considered to be a winner. When it comes to light that such a person is melancholy and miserable we can’t understand it. When the tabloids report that some pop star who supposedly “has it all”, money, a mansion, and millions of adoring fans, is nevertheless suffering from deep-seated despondency or demons we’re puzzled and wonder out loud how someone who’s such a success on the outside can be such a failure in his/her private life. We’ve been so thoroughly inculcated to buy into the shallow idea that material prosperity and satiating all the desires of our egos = genuine happiness that we’re thrown for a loop by an unhappy “successful” person.

An unhappy successful person sounds like an absurd oxymoron, the concept makes no sense. Or perhaps it suggests that there’s something seriously wrong with our culture’s basic definition of “success”. Perhaps a life one-sidedly devoted to materialistic self-gratification is actually at odds with the profound and lasting kind of happiness we aspire to. Yes, perhaps our whole middle-class ethos of trying to live by bread, belongings, benumbing ourselves with substances, and banging alone is to blame for the high incidence of free-floating dissatisfaction with life in our modern society.

Could it be that denied to us by all the consumerism and egoism, all the bourgeois banality of our crumbling capitalist culture, there lies in the neglected spiritual heritage of mankind a more enlightened point of view on the urgent matter of human happiness and how to effectively pursue it? The experience of millions of human beings, from time immemorial, bears witness to an affirmative answer to this question.

Those who’ve opted for the path of liberating themselves from foolish dependence on external things to provide them with pleasure and peace, who’ve instead cultivated fulfillment by nurturing inner growth and spiritual self-realization have amply demonstrated that their way is more on the level, insightful, and effective.

The inadequate tastes of bliss, the fleeting moments of release from the tedium of our daily routines, the pathetic diversions from our feelings of emptiness, and the charade of material success that we settle for in our conventional, secular, rat race of a society is NOT the best that you can do. You most definitely can attain a truer, greater, enduring joy. You can free your mind from the misconceptions about yourself and reality that make you vulnerable to the pain and cruelty in the world. You can begin to function and live in a more spiritually masterful manner that’s conducive to the inner satisfaction, serenity, and strength sought by all of us.

You don’t need any supernormal abilities or cutting-edge techniques that can only be doled out to you by some gimmicky guru or slick spiritual salesman. You’re already endowed with the internal nature and resources necessary to reach spiritual insight. You just need to begin practicing your spirituality with determination, diligence, and a little helpful direction from those who’ve been on the sacred quest longer than you.

If you would like a little helpful guidance, if you're interested in exploring a new, flexible, freestyle form of spiritual seeking you're invited to visit my new website, Realityhead.com Just click on or copy & paste the web address below. Thanks, and no, this isn't some sort of spam, it's a sincere invitation.


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