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Haleigh Cummings' Stepmom Misty Croslin gets 25 yrs in Prison for drug dealing

Bring Haleigh Home!
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10/09/2010 12:08 PM
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Haleigh Cummings' Stepmom Misty Croslin gets 25 yrs in Prison for drug dealing
Misty Croslin,18, a key figure in the mysterious vanishing of Haleigh Cummings two years ago, has been sentenced to prison.
Croslin received twenty five years prison time for trafficking in oxycodone.
Prior to today her co-defendants, including ex-husband Rob Cummings, plead guilty and were sentenced to 15 years prison time.

Misty Croslin Sentenced On Drug Charges, Last Person To See Haleigh Cummings Alive (Video)
Misty Croslin presents herself as a pathetic and pitiful creature, not too bright when it comes to everyday life, but smart enough to know the amount of money that can be made selling drugs.

The nation became aware of Misty Croslin and her family almost two years ago. She was a 17 year old girl babysitting the two children of her boyfriend, Ron Cummings. The children were Haleigh and Junior, ages 5 and 4 and Misty was the live in sitter of both.
One horrible night in February, 2009, Haleigh disappeared and to date has not been seen again. It’s widely believed the child is dead.

The wild stories surrounding the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings were front page, nation-wide news for months. Misty said she woke up and the child was gone and the back door was open. She didn’t call the police, but waited on Ron Cummings to come home from work around three in the morning.
They called 911 together; an all out search was launched and the rumors began.

Misty was accused of being at a wild drug party and leaving the children unattended. Ron was accused of being into drugs, as well as having a violent temper. Ron and Misty married married within a month of Haleigh’s vanishing and divorced a short time later. Both made the requisite television pleas for Haleigh’s safe return. Ron Cummings was quite vocal about killing those responsible for whatever happened to his daughter.

The Croslin and Cumming’s families, at first united, began pointing fingers at each other, then the Croslin’s began pointing fingers within their own family.
Local gossips theorized Misty had accidentally killed Haleigh. Or sold her. Or was it Ron that did the dastardly deed to pay off a drug debt?

The on again, off again couple seemed to bask in their infamy, failing to realize no one in their right mind believed a word they said.
Haleigh seemingly had vanished from their minds, as life went on as usual for the small group of miscreants.

full article at link:

[link to law.rightpundits.com]