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China Assembling Research Team to Find Bigfoot

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United States
10/10/2010 06:53 PM
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China Assembling Research Team to Find Bigfoot
Beijing, Oct 10 (IANS) A research association in China has launched a global recruitment drive to form a team to search for the legendary and elusive ape-like creature called Bigfoot.

The Hubei Wild Man Research Association in Hubei province will launch the search in the Shennongjia forest region. Located in the remote mountains in Hubei, the reserve has long been rumoured to be the Bigfoot's home, the China Daily reported.

The association, which comprises of over 100 scientists and explorers, is hoping the search could end the long-running debate on the existence of the 'half-human, half-ape' creature, said its vice president Luo Baosheng.

[link to sify.com]
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