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UPDATE: Republic of the united States of America

User ID: 1138753
United States
10/22/2010 07:43 PM
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UPDATE: Republic of the united States of America
Dear Patriots;

I am a member of The Republic of the united States of America, a fully formed and functional government, of the People, operating, and expanding, as we speak.

The Republic has attracted, several hundred thousand members, in a very short span of time.

As a Member of the Republic, it's exciting to see the growth in membership!

Here are some goals you may appreciate:

Smaller responsive government,
Elimination of the National Debt,
Elimination of the Bankers control on America's money system,
Legal reform,
Restoration of the Law of the Land,
Strong defense, without constant wars that kill people and bankrupt our country!
Real Freedom!

Please, take time to really listen to what the Republic is all about! We are doing it now!
Our Republic has been re-established and re-inhabited under the ORIGINAL ORGANIC Constitution!



Here are links to tell all your friends about how the Republic of the united States of America was born and
recordings of the founders, and their explanation of how the Republic works and, your part in it!

The Republic of the united States of America is formed. The World Court has been notified "officially."
This is not something this going to happen, IT HAS HAPPENED!

The question is "Are you going to support the Republic?"

Listen to this exciting and transformational meeting, as it happened on October 7, 2010!

After you listen take these links and send them Worldwide!
The Republic is "THE SUPER TEA PARTY!"

The answer to taking our country back lies with your support of the Republic.

Review the information, in the order listed below, for best understanding of what real "Freedom" is going to be like for you, and your family

Tim Turner's "Call to America"
Listen to this transformational meeting "Tim Turner's Call to America" (This recording first):
[link to www.republicoftheunitedstates.org]

How the "Republic of the united States of America," was formed
After you listened to President Turner's message then listen to this to understand how the Republic was formed ( Listen to this after the link above.)
[link to recordings.talkshoe.com]

"Official Site" of the Republic of the united States of America
To join the "Republic" and become a part of the change, click this link to "Login/Register"
www.republicoftheunitedstates.org. - The registration is about mid page, left side.

For additional information you can travel here for a short education:
[link to restoredusa.blogspot.com]

You want change? Here it is... SEND IT VIRAL WORLDWIDE!


[email protected]

God Bless America's New (Original) Republic!
(The Original Republic of our founding fathers)

(Cut and Paste the area with the lines and this statement, it will format correctly. Send it to your friends, and we can take our country back!)

Open Republic Call Recorded with "Tim Turner"

Copy of recording of the below open Republic call for your download: Feel free to forward to anyone.

[link to www.republicoftheunitedstates.org]

Next weeks call information for the Republic Recruiting call
*All calls are recorded and will be sent to you after the call if you miss the call.
*Please call ANYONE THAT WANTS TO COME ON. Active and NON Active Republic
*Please forward this information to anyone that wants to be a part of the call

Call Time: 6:00 P.M. / P.S.T - 9:00 P.M. / E.S.T.
Conferencing Line: (323) 843-0075
Participant: 819054

Media Relations: (269) 978-5630
Fax: (949) 416-2623
Email: [email protected]
Website: [link to www.RepublicoftheunitedStates.org]
How to Sign up On-Line: [link to republicoftheunitedstates.org]